5 Hazards of Convective Weather
The weather is powered by heat that comes, ultimately, from the sun. Sunlight shines down through the atmosphere and its energy is converted to heat at the earth's surface. Thus, the atmosphere is warmed from underneath - at the ground.

Heat (which mainly enters the atmosphere at the bottom) is balanced by an equal amount of heat that escapes from the top of the atmosphere back into space. Convection - rising currents of warm air - is an important part of the process whereby heat is transported from the bottom of the atmosphere to the top. Thunderstorms, consisting as they do of rising currents of warm air, are the most visible and violent manifestation of atmospheric convection.

Thunderstorms are "weather factories" and they produce five weather phenomena which, when they become severe, damage property and threaten lives. Those "5 hazards of convective weather" are: